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Nothing holds you back! Noëtics Pro is designed to help you to be strong in every tournament in every situation.

Keep your mind in the game, move comfortably, let Noëtics speak for your style; a true fusion of high performance and innovative designs. Noëtics is an upscale European clothing brand tailored to customers seeking a unique and casual style.


The sleek, understated design of the Stealth hoodie reflects the Noëtics brand aesthetic. Stealth is for players who like to fly under the radar.

The Stealth hoodie was crafted to be a step above in both style and quality. It is based on the updated Noëtics Pro design and the hood is lined in an exclusive muted grey print. The long-fibre cotton used in production will ensure long lasting wear and colourfast durability. Stealth will continue to look new after multiple washes.

It features five pockets, 3 with zipper closure, and a velcro logo on the left sleeve, in order to add or remove the velcro patch denoting the player´s sponsor. 



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164,00 €

This hoodie was designed for one of the world´s largest national poker events, the Norwegian Championships. Initially designed for the tournament´s winners, there are a few available for purchase. Based on the Noëtics Pro Hoodie design, the hood´s inner lining is specially printed with Norwegian golden lions. It includes a Norwegian flag (velcro) which can be places on the Noëtics patch on the left sleeve.

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174,00 €

5Buttons Long Sleeve, the material is incredibly soft and the fabric composition ensures that the shirt is durable and after 20 test washes (+ 40c) it remains virtually unchanged. The shirt is functional for tables as it works like a thermos bottle keeping body heat stable! We do not recommend this shirt for sports or any other physical activity due to high heat stability!


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112,00 €



If you want to see your opponent steam PROVOCATEUR is your choice.

Everything in Provocateur´s design began with the intention to provoke. 

The main fabric is a very high quality black cotton, with orange zippers that catch your eyes, and the print of the silk-like hood lining is also deliberately very colourful. The distracting essence of this hoodie does not affect its wearer but only and solely the opponents!

Provocateur is not recommended for conservative players, but if your style is provocative, this hoodie has the potential to become your favorite!


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197,00 €